David Abbott


Words to accompany paintings in Evermore, an exhibition of my work at Nationale 8 Gallery in Brussels, Belgium in September and Octover of 2022.


I have seen you before. You the field, the stile, the stand of trees. But you have changed. Your edges are blurred, colours altered. I have been away and thought long and hard about you and now I have come back and though you are somehow fuller you are harder to see clearly. A buzzard mews but it is muffled, echoing weakly before deadening in the sound-stifling scrub. There is a path through the trees but it is overgrown. Gold light flickers briefly on leaf corners but before I really notice that too fades to blue. What movement there is leaves blurred impressions. I look hard and there are ghosts. All the spectres of memory and imagination coalesce with what is in front of me. What is in front of me? This place that has become everything at once.

August 17, 2022